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"Explore the Skies with Many Feathers:
A Guide to Our Paragliding Courses"

Many Feathers is the perfect paragliding school for those who have always wanted to fly with the freedom of a bird. Expect to learn the fundamentals of paragliding so you can make the sky your own, with a course that is suitable for everyone who has the desire to let their wings take flight. Prepare for the time of your life, and get ready to soar with Many Feathers!


At our paragliding school, we offer a comprehensive course on the basics of paragliding. This course includes learning basic flight controls, how to launch safely, how to turn, and how to land. The course fee is applied to the next course if you still desire to continue with your flying journey. We aim for three flights but would rather see more if you can manage it. Before you can fly the training hill, we require 10 solid forward inflations. Our course promises to be an epic bucket list experience!




At Many Feathers Paragliding School, we provide comprehensive instruction in all aspects of paragliding, so that you can feel confident and safe in the sky. We offer 35 flights to get you to a P2 rating, plus access to all the skills you need to become a competent, fully autonomous pilot, such as launching, landing, The 3 axis' of flight: pitch control, roll, (yaw) turning. You will also learn descent techniques, meteorology, and airspace regulations, and how to skip from one cloud to the next. Most students can accomplish this in about 10 to 12 days depending on weather.


If you're looking for an adrenaline-filled journey of learning, then Many Feathers paragliding school is perfect for you! Here, part of the learning process is often making a fool of yourself, but we also offer private lessons for those who'd prefer a more private experience.

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