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Paragliding Valle De Bravo

Flying in Valle de Bravo, Mexico with Many Feathers Paragliding Valle de Bravo, a quaint, lake-side town located two hours west of Mexico City, is a world-class paragliding destination. The town is nestled in the tall pines at 7,000 ft, and is one of the premier flying sites in the world. Between December and February, crowds of paragliders from around the world converge on this town to soar the surrounding hills and countryside. Getting There To visit Valle de Bravo, most people fly into Mexico City Airport (code: MEX) and rent a car for the two-hour drive. However, there are also a few other options. It’s usually best to use Mexico City International Airport because it has the most flights. Flying with Many Feathers Paragliding Many Feathers Paragliding School, the premier paragliding school in Colorado and Flathead Valley Montana, offers courses from Leadville, Colorado to Larkspur and in Montana from the Flathead Valley and Indian Reservation to Ft.Belknap Indian reservation near Landusky. They offer a variety of courses and training options, making it an excellent choice for those looking to experience the thrill of paragliding in Valle de Bravo. Introductory Course The Many Feathers Intro course is the perfect place to start your journey into the exciting world of paragliding. This course offers introductory lessons where you can learn the first basic skills and essential muscle memory exercises you need for a successful, safe flight. The course fee is $550 with gear rental included and is applied toward your P1 THRU P4 training if you decide to continue your flight career. Pilot Certification P1 THRU P4 At Many Feathers, they offer a 35 flight paragliding course that will provide you with the advanced basics and teach you how to fly alone in the great outdoors with limitations on conditions (P2). By the end of the paragliding lessons, you will be able to prepare equipment, takeoff, pilot and land your paraglider on your own, with a host of theories and techniques (about 8 hours ground school) that you’ll need for safe flying as a beginner. This includes ratings up to your P4 and discounts on all tours and clinics and future gear purchased through the school5. Payment Plans Many Feathers believes that paragliding should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget5. That’s why they offer payment plans, as well as GEAR BUY BACK options to help you pay for lessons within your budget5. With their pay-as-you-play option, you can start flying when you’re ready, without having to commit to big payments. The Experience Not many places around the world offer the consistent flying conditions that Valle de Bravo offers every day. Valle can have some strong air, with 2,000 fpm thermal cores common2. The area offers exceptional flying for all levels of pilots. So, whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced pilot looking to hone your skills, Valle de Bravo with Many Feathers Paragliding offers an unparalleled flying experience. In conclusion, if paragliding is on your bucket list, then add Valle de Bravo, Mexico to it. With the expert guidance of Many Feathers Paragliding, you’ll be soaring with the birds in no time. So come spread your wings and book a paragliding lesson today!

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