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We designed the new EN-A Deck Evo to help pilots fulfill the dream of flying in the safest way possible. With their students all on Triple Seven Decks, any instructor will be sure that they are in the best possible hands, with state-of-the-art Triple Seven design. EN/LTF A certification means the best possible safety for the pilots, but our thoughts were everywhere, from total launch and take-off ease until the student touches down. With the Deck, instructors and students may focus on expanding the pilots’ skills, airmanship, and flying knowledge.

777 DECK Evo

$3,250.00 Regular Price
$2,850.00Sale Price
  • “We were the first to introduce Back Position Intakes into the EN/LTF A class. With our years of experience with this aerofoil design, we already knew all the positive sides of the BPI technology, and we adapted it to attain the ideal passive handling characteristics of the Deck Evo glider. Pitch and roll oscillations are dampened to precisely the right degree to give students peace of mind and let them focus on the effects of the air around them. To put it as simply as we can – Deck Evo students learn faster. I believe that the first wing a person flies is the most important one in the whole career of a paraglider pilot. It follows that my school glider, the Deck Evo, is simply the easiest wing to launch, fly, and land that you can think of. The use of advanced design elements, like the BPI and the mini-ribs, refine the Deck’s trailing edge and overall profile. This has resulted in great handling in climbs – essential for those first steps towards acquiring thermalling skills. The Deck Evo is a confidence-inspiring glider that will help any student learn the basics of paragliding rapidly and with ease.”

    Urban Valic

  • The Deck Evo is an EN/LTF A certified school and beginner glider, ideal for paragliding schools and newbies who are busy learning to fly and disinterested in anything that may distract them from this goal. Built strong, it will withstand much of the abuse that a school glider is subjected to, and will give its owner many hours of stress-free flying.

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