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The Matrix - your wingman for every adventure

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the brand-new Matrix from Triple Seven! This state-of-the-art wing is the epitome of safety and convenience, perfect for anyone from students to experienced travelling pilots.

Whether you’re a student pilot, a weekend adventurer, or a seasoned traveller, the Matrix has everything you need to make your journey unforgettable. Experience the best of both worlds with the Matrix’s expertly crafted combination of lighter design and unbeatable sturdiness. Effortlessly handle your wing with ease, from the moment you start your takeoff to your gentle landing, all while enjoying the peace of mind.
Equipped with advanced winglets, the Matrix delivers stability and control when needed while allowing you to experience tighter thermal cores over your home mountains. Let the Matrix be your guide, helping you navigate the skies with ease and confidence.



The Matrix design was crafted with the student in mind, offering the safest way to learn and experience the thrill of flight. From mastering the basics on the training hills to embarking on your first cross-country flight, the Matrix will bring joy and excitement to every step of your journey. Because of its lightweight and compact design, it can also be a reliable travel companion, providing endless opportunities to reach new heights and seize YOLO moments while travelling the world. Embrace the easiness of the Matrix and elevate your flying skills to new levels of excitement and adventure.


By obtaining certification for extended weight ranges, the Matrix allows you to customize its flight characteristics to meet your needs while complying with certified wing standards. Flying within this range will make the wing more dynamic and may present a greater challenge in staying airborne under weak conditions. Nonetheless, within the extended weight range, you will have a swifter wing and lighter load during your hike-and-fly expeditions.


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