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The Bolero 7 marks a step-change in the Bolero series, incorporating our latest technological developments. The result: a wing that — compared to its predecessor — is more forgiving, yet more fun to fly.

The Bolero 7 is perfect for the formative years of a flying career, from first steps to first thermals and well beyond. For casual or more experienced safety oriented pilots, it could even be all the wing they will ever need.

  • new planform and arc gives greater agility in the turn whilst increasing roll stability
  • 3rd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) inlet system further stabilises internal wing pressure, giving increased pitch stability and aerodynamic efficiency
  • smooth inflation without shooting
  • early take-off at low speed
  • "thermal sniffing" character
  • new line layout makes lines easier to inspect and less prone to tangles

GIN Bolero7

  • Designer Gin Seok Song explains the development process of the Bolero 7:

    The target with the Bolero 7 was to improve the handling, but during the development we were also able to improve the stability in both pitch and roll.

    The new planform has more curve towards the wing tips and a straighter trailing edge — this gives an efficient turn. Even with tight turns the bank stays quite flat. We also worked on optimising the arc, which prevents a pilot accidentally entering a spiral dive whilst thermalling. The brake travel is highly progressive, only a small amount of brake is needed to turn the wing, but pressure increases quickly and it’s almost impossible to enter a stall unintentionally. Around the stall point, the wing recovers easily upon easing up on the brakes.

    We also made some improvements to our EPT (Equalised pressure technology) system. On take-off, the wing immediately stabilises above the pilot and the lift-off comes very early at low speed. In addition, the wing self-corrects into small directional gusts on take-off and sniffs out thermals in the air.

    Overall, the whole team was really happy with the Bolero 7 and we had a lot of fun test flying it. We didn’t feel so limited, even though it’s a wing for beginners!

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