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Expanding your flying horizons with the Rook 3

We’re often told that “it isn’t the wing, it’s the pilot”. And while it is true that no wing will make a bad pilot great, it’s also true that an extraordinary wing WILL seriously improve your flying! The Rook 3 (EN B) is that wing; a paraglider to make the very most of YOUR skills.

New look!
The look is made to support the Triple Seven philosophy: Performance and safety optimisation above all. The new design uses the smallest number of seams possible. Just about every stitch in the canopy is there for performance purposes; only the contrast-coloured panels create this beautiful, racy look.
With the reduced number of seams we ended up with canopy with significantly reduced pressure leakage. Put simply, the canopy is pressurised to the maximum at every angle of attack.

Green Blue Red


“Pilots in this certification bracket (the top end of the EN B class) tend to be ambitious and hungry for more, but also quite sensible when it comes to assessing their own skill level. So when designing for them we need to figuratively stuff new models with performance in spades while making sure that the new wing has no hidden vices.

We knew even before we began this project that it would be a hard call to improve the Rook 2 in enough ways to make it a worthy successor – so instead of starting with the original, we based the new wing on the Queen 2, our class-bursting EN C wing. The trick was to preserve the Queen 2’s great performance and handling characteristics but to make it suitable for EN B pilots, who are likely to have a slightly lower comfort threshold in rowdy air. After lots of prototyping, testing and trimming we can now say that we’re there.”

Urban Valic


The original Rook was the first product from Triple Seven to hit the market, and it made a big splash already then. Now in its 3rd and much-improved incarnation, the Triple Seven Rook 3 is still a high-end EN B wing. It is made for ambitious leisure pilots, perhaps with a desire to do more ambitious cross-country flights, provided this can be done on a wing with a sound passive safety margin.

You’ll get the most joy out of a wing in this class by being current, with probably 50+ hours in active air each year, and with some XC skills to your name. Your style is quite assertive; you generally know where you want to go next and why, and you are happy to use the speed bar to improve your overall performance and safety levels. You are familiar with quick descent methods and with large, coordinated wingovers, or at least you’re working on this compartment in your free-flying toolbox, out of a desire to improve, to the benefit of safety and performance alike.
If this sounds like you then you’ll have buckets of fun on the Rook 3 – it’s a wing practically custom-built for you, and it’ll take you places you have previously only been dreaming of. Welcome on board!


Number of cells6161616161
Projected area (m2)
Flat area (m2)21.323.825.326.528.5
Projected span (m)
Flat span (m)10.911.511.912.112.6
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat aspect ratio5.
Glider weight (kg)
In-flight weight range (kg)60-7570-8580-9590-105105-119
Certification LTF/ENBBBBB


Upper surfaceDominico N30 DMF
Bottom surfaceDominico N20 DMF
ProfilesSkytex Porcher 40 Hard
DiagonalsSkytex Porcher 40 Hard
Mini ribsSkytex Porcher 40 Hard
Suspension and main linesPPSLS Liros, Edelrid A-8000-U
Fabric13 mm Kevlar reinforced Nylon webbing
PulleysHarken P18mm ball bearing pulley


  • Progressive handling, offering easy and precise control characteristics
  • Incorporated BC system
  • BPI Back position intake technology
  • VDO Visual design optimization
  • STE smooth trailing edge
  • OCV Optimized cross vents
  • LMO Optimized geometry of suspension lines and materials for prolonged trim
  • EN-B, LTF-B certification


  • Glider Rook 3
  • Backpack BOX in desired size (75,110,150)
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • Repair kit
  • Welcome card
  • Brumel hooks

Rook3 Triple Seven Paragliders

  • Triple Seven Rook 3 ( The next level High -B!)

    I have flown in the past Triple Seven high-B gliders, the Rook1, and the Rook2. In 2020, here is 777 latest high B glider the Rook 3 with an aspect ratio of 5.6 flat and 4.1 projected which is pretty conservative and well-targeted for a High B in 2020.

    The openings of the Rook 3 are pretty small, with a shark noose and resembles the Queen 2 ones. The cloth used is “Dominico N20 DMF” with PPSL Liros and Edelrid A-8000-U. The risers use a new BC system enabling the pilot to control the pitch in accelerated flight without touching the brakes. The back positioning intake, the look, and the finish are superb. The glider looks like a tuned sports performance 4X4 race car.

    Launching the Rook 3 MS at 93 all up with an X-rated 6 harness, need a long and steady pull. It’s a bit slow to rise in weak wind but it’s going up without a hard point. In Strong windy take off, I found it to be quite gentle in the rise, without overshooting.

    The Rook 3 MS was tested and flew along next to a Rush5 MS, Eden 7 S, Ikuma 2-24.

    In the air, the Rook 3 has a moderate to light brake pressure with a very good “performance-oriented “ agility. I mean that it doesn’t dive in turns but could core every bubble swiftly and very efficiently. The authority on the brakes with that “performance-oriented “turn is very nice! I’m ‘in love ‘ without B brake authority! 

    The Rook 3 can be described as having a precise brake input and quite linear, which leads to an efficient adjustment inside the core! 10 to 15 cm of moderate to light pressure will let you turn the glider in any core! A delight!
    Its not fair to compare it to the best D, 3 liners of the moment…But it happened to be next to me in the air… The climb rate next to an M7 MS (EN-D) in facing the valley breeze and digging through that airmass showed me that the Rook 3 is a really special kind of high B’s! I could match or sometimes be quite efficient in climbing mode against the wind. You will be surprised! Of course, the edge will always go to the D glider…(In very long glides…against the wind )

    I have tried many times with other high B’s and it seems that the Rook 3 was surfing the airmass and floating upward each time there’s a tiny lift.
    In weak thermals, the Rook 3 seems very floaty. I was able to float in a tiny lift, waiting for a stronger thermal.

    In turbulent air, I was very surprised to find that the Rook 3 is much easier to fly than its predecessor. The Rook 3 is a comfortable high B with a very solid structure. Under it i didn’t feel any awkward movements, or any yaw movement whatsoever. On the contrary, it seems very homogenous and well balanced.
    I think that after long flights under the Rook3, one should expect to land with much energy left! And with a happy feel about the handling.

    Gliding next to several high B’s especially in moving air, showed me how magical the Rook 3 is. Every light lift is converted to height. It was difficult to come close to that glide under the current high B’s!
    Imagine a B glider that surfs the air going up with every tiny lift! No pitch back nor surging forward. Just an efficient glide through the airmass. Of course, sometimes in strong lifts, it pitches slightly back but gets quickly balanced in moving upward without a surge.

    The C risers control is smooth and efficient. They control the pitch, if any…just because the Rook 3 stays on its path in turbulent air…
    The speed bar enabled me to get 16 km/h over trim on the Rook 3 size MS at 95 all up.

    You are not reading a fairy tale!! Grab a demo and see by yourselves 

    Ears are stable but sometimes they shake. If you pull them moderately once, they will stay stable. Pulling more lines will get them shaky and reopen.

    Conclusion: The Rook 3 MS I have here, was purchased from 777. It is one of the first serial B’s.
    I know…you will say that this is another fancy writing…and this guy drank a bottle of vodka right before… 
    Honestly, the Rook 3 is the best and most performant, pleasurable to fly, high-end EN- B glider I have ever tested. Period!
    Again, if you are in doubt, do the impossible to get yourself a demo, (load it near the top), just to tease me with your reactions! Don’t fly it at the bottom of the weight range, and comment !! pleeeease ! 
    Triple Seven has done a superb job on that Rook3. Comfortable, fast, agile, pleasurable in steering, loads of free and usable performance. Forget the Queen2…(They are going to kill me … 
    Ehhhh, Unless you want more speed and spicy feel.
    All the above was very clear for me to state that IMHO, the Rook 3 is the next level High-B.
    Happy flights! 

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