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Rook4 by Triple Seven Paragliders

Durable by Design, Lightweight by Nature

The fouth itteration of famous Rook model is no more than revolutionary. The concept of the design shifted to a hybrid lightweight construction optimized for an endurance with carefully placed materials throughout the canopy. The Rook 4 pilot will benefit from the feather like take off that won’t surprise in any condition and will take him on a care free hard and long XC adventures deep in the wild of any corner of the earth. Enjoy the benefits of a new BC system that makes active flying as fluid as on two liners. The Rook 4 is the wing tailored for pilots who demand a perfect balance between super high performance and the high passive safety of the B class.

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With the Rook 4, I had the opportunity to integrate all of my current knowledge with the various projects we’re currently running at Triple Seven. From the airfoil to the winglets to the new approach to arc design, it all reignited my innovative mindset. I am exceedingly pleased with the outcome of the new wing. I eagerly anticipate seeing pilots fully leveraging the safe and high-performance package that the Rook 4 undoubtedly represents.
Aljaz Valic – Designer


The Rook 4 is positioned within the high B class category. Pilots with a considerable amount of active flying experience will find the Rook 4 easy to handle. Whether you’re transitioning up from a lower class or moving down to the B class, you’ll discover that the Rook 4 meets the criteria for safety and performance. Its compact packing volume and excellent takeoff characteristics make it well-suited for vol-bivouac adventures, enabling pilots to confidently explore distant XC areas.


With the integration of winglets into the design of the Rook 4, new design opportunities have emerged, wherein a more prominent arc significantly enhances the flying experience. The winglets aid in stabilizing the wing during rolls, resulting in a canopy arc previously exclusive to higher classes, now accessible in lower classes with the Rook 4. The pronounced arc facilitates a more constant and higher spanwise side force, creating a more rigid, better-supported, compact canopy. Side collapses are less reactive, affording the pilot more time to react if necessary. Additionally, banking changes while turning are now more linear and smooth.



With Rook 4, we placed significant emphasis on refining the takeoff behavior during wing design. Through carefully optimized internal construction, reinforcing PA11 plastics, and strategically positioned lines, we’ve attained an effortless takeoff experience, making even more adventurous launches feel like a simple step into the air. The internal construction is transferring the force from the attachment point to the top of the canopy from the very first pull, giving you a gentle rise of the canopy in any given conditions. This ensures a smooth and controlled ascent, enhancing the overall flying experience for pilots of all skill levels.



The Rook 4 is a hybrid lightweight wing with an optimized blend of materials, reducing weight without sacrificing durability and lifespan. High-stress areas and surfaces prone to ground contact or UV exposure are crafted from conventional materials (Skytex 38, MJtex 32). At the same time, weight is minimized in areas where the wing remains intact or is shaded during flight (Skytex 27). Internal construction uses a 40 and 32 Porcher mix to reduce glider weight based on stress loads. This material composition ensures a prolonged lifespan while meeting desired weight specifications.



Race towards your goal with new risers featuring a fluid pitch system, ensuring a seamless transition of information to the pilot, correcting pitch movement precisely when and to the extent needed. This provides you with an unparalleled performance advantage, especially when efficiency in flight is crucial. With reduced friction in the system, the speed system also experiences notable benefits, requiring significantly less force for operation with your legs.



The Rook 4 showcases a feature set, featuring state-of-the-art Magix Pro Dry Lines procured from Edelrid, with each line meticulously color-coded for effortless identification. The latest version of the Magix Pro lines boasts a remarkable 60% increase in humidity resistance and, notably, demonstrates prolonged length stability, thereby extending intervals between visits to inspection centers. The overall weight of the lines has been significantly reduced, aiding easier canopy ascent due to the lesser load in the line area.



The Rook 4 and the latest Triple Seven models are manufactured with accuracy and precision using laser cutting technology. We have abandoned the conventional method of hand-cutting wings because it often results in significant errors due to the large number of pieces in a paragliding canopy. Despite the additional time and costs incurred in production, we have shifted the entire cutting process to laser cutting, resulting in a canopy that is made precisely to the last millimetre.



Number of cells61616161
Projected area (m2)19.321.222.723.8
Flat area (m2)22.925.126.928.8
Projected span (m)
Flat span (m)11.412.012.412.7
Projected Aspect Ratio4.434.434.434.43
Flat aspect ratio5.755.755.755.75
Glider weight (kg)3.8**
In-flight weight range (kg)70-85*80-9890-108100-119
Certification LTF/ENB*BBB*


Upper surfaceMJ32MF P/D Coating
Leading edgePorcher Skytex 38
Bottom surfaceSkytex 27 Double Coated
ProfilesPorcher Skytex 40/32 Hard finish
Suspension and main linesA-8001 Magix Pro
Riser material7 mm Kevlar-reinforced Nylon webbing
Speed systemPolarwave pulleys
CarabinersDelta Maillon
Brake attachmentMagnet clip-in system


  • Lightweight hybrid
  • Pronounced arc in tune with winglets
  • SDT Segmented Diagonals Technology
  • BPI Back Position Intake technology
  • OCV Optimized cross vents
  • EN-B, LTF-B certification


  • Glider Rook 4
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • Repair kit
  • Welcome card

ROOK4 triple seven paragliders

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