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A consistently lightweight harness with maximum safety for the hike & fly pilot

Woody Valley Wani2 Light

  • The Wanì light has been one of our best-selling harnesses ever, thanks to all the feedback and constructive criticism you have sent us we could successfully come up with its all-round improved successor equipped as follows:



    ●  New extra stable frame geometry.

    ●  Improved size system for added comfort.

    ●  New and more comfortable seatback.

    ●  Two new colour combinations.

    ●  Enlarged built-in parachute container under the seat.

    ●  Bigger and revamped built-in rucksack.

    ●  Optional Lightshield back protection.

    ●  Two-step speed bar included.

    ●  Rigid polypropylene seat.

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